How to play Craps online: Handbook

craps how to playCraps is the table game with dice that has a long history, and it has been played since ancient Egypt, through every century, to our days.

When you, as a novice, look at the casino craps table, you are completely overwhelmed and confused with all those lines, betting rules, instances of positions of dice that define your victory or loss… Yes, the rules are intricate but you have to understand them fully before getting to play.

The strategy of the game and tips

There are two types of players: betters and thrower (also called shooter). The last throws the dice and can make bets, while the first only make bets. A player needs to bet on Pass or Don’t Pass if he or she wants to take a shot. There are two basic throws, which define the game:

  1. The Come Out Roll. Here, receiving with 2 pieces of dice any number from four to ten, you define the number for the next throw, Point Roll. By hitting two, three, or twelve, you lose. By hitting seven or eleven, you win & throw again.
  2. The Point Roll. Here, you throw until you obtain the Point Roll number, which you’ve defined during the Come Out Roll or seven. Obtaining the first, you win; the second – lose.

There are various bets, which can be done:

  • Any Craps
  • Any Seven
  • Big 6
  • Big 8
  • Buy Bet Point
  • Come
  • Come Odds Point
  • Don’t Come
  • Don’t Come Odds Point
  • Don’t Pass Line
  • Don’t Pass Line Odds
  • Field
  • Hardway
  • Horn
  • Lay Bet
  • Pass Line
  • Pass Line Odds
  • Place Lose Point
  • Place Win Point.

We aren’t describing them all – you can make yourself acquainted with official rules of bets online or elsewhere. We will only say that the main idea is that betters bet on the probability of the occurrence of every possible combination of throw, with widely varying possibility and winning at craps (losses) connected to every single bet. Below, we are considering the best way to play craps and best strategies on how to play Craps – if not to win big, then at least, not to lose largely (it is of relevance for those who don’t want to lose a lot of money in free online craps but wants to feel that gorgeous feeling of luck patting on a shoulder).

If you wanna win or not to lose much, it is better to avoid bets with high casino’s advantage and limit yourself to almost no-lose strategy. Let’s consider the practical tips below.


Recommendations on how to play Craps

Here is our little craps wizard:
Avoid bets to Field, Big 6 or Big 8, Horn, Any 7, Craps 2 or Craps 12 because they have 5.6%-16.7% house advantage. Instead, make bets on Pass/Don’t Pass, Come/Don’t Come, and Odds because they only have 0.18%-1.41% house advantage.

Not so many craps systems online allow making bets on Odds because it significantly lowers the casino’s advantage (in 3-5 times). However, betting so makes it possible for you to lose only about 1%-2% of your money in the long run (considering normal behavior of chances).

Do not get involved in online craps real money casinos, which do not allow you to play for free first to understand whether this establishment offers fair play.

Seek for online craps table top casinos, which offer interesting Odds multipliers (more than usual x2) – this can happen during different promo campaigns. During such limited-in-time campaigns, the multiplier possibility can be up to x10. However, that does not mean that you will have a hundred dollars of winning if you’re betting just 10 – it doesn’t work like that in Craps. For example, betting $5, you may receive $20-$30 of winnings. An Odds bet is a side bet, which additionally increases your chances of victory, in addition to usual winning on the table. It is positioned in addition to the main bet, at any time once the Point number is pinned, which generates for you an additional bonus.

History of Craps

Craps have originated about 700 years ago as a street dice game. It had a lot of variations over the centuries until today (and it still has). The biggest popularity was given to it during WWII, where it was introduced by a few people already playing it to millions of mostly young men who were drawn at war. In 1960, it went to casinos of Europe, Macau, and Australia (where post-war ex-combatants used to play craps for fun with huge desire), with global widespread all over the globe after 2004.