5 Ways to Get Rich in 10 Minutes by Using Roulette

RouletteRoulette is often called the queen of gambling. It is a very addictive game of chance where you cannot control anything and the house has a distinct advantage over players in the long run. Fortunes were made and lost at the table with a spinning wheel on top of it.

Modern online casinos all offer various types of this game to their clients. American or European, digital or alphabet, there are so many different variations that even veterans struggle with differentiating them. However, there are several simple techniques and tips that will help you to become a more proficient gambler at the roulette table.

Tip #1. Do not start playing

Honestly, all other methods require a lot of luck, but this is a rock solid suggestion. As mentioned above, the house always has an advantage over you and the size of the advantage depends on various rules and conditions. Usually, an online casino will have about 2.5% edge over clients meaning that the payback ratio is about 96%-98% depending on the algorithm. There is no way around these settings. You won’t be able to bend the rules and chances just by using some sort of a “strategy”. Opting to play in a good slot game is usually a better idea.

Tip #2. Do not diversify

There are various strategies that suggest you to split the bet in several smaller bets and spread them across the field. However, this is not the brightest of ideas due to the fact that in the long run you will lose everything to that “zero” sector. Instead of diversifying, consider focusing on the 50/50 chance of guessing the right “color” outcome. Use bigger bets and place them confidently on either red or black in order to test your luck. It is actually more reasonable than trying to win with smaller bets spread across the table.

Dividing your overall bet into multiple small bits will drastically reduce the return in the long run. This is exactly what the house expect from you. The desire to have an insurance for the overall bet always forces players to make additional “just in case” bets that will diversify their “investments”. Avoid falling into this pit and rely on bigger bets of bigger sizes.

Tip #3. Don’t rely on “strategies”

The very term strategy means that you have a specific plan and can control various aspects of the game in order to come up with a set of guidelines for yourself that will dramatically improve your chances of winning. A strategy is something very important in a game of skill where you, as a player, have all necessary tools to actually influence the outcome and use various techniques to outplay your opponents or achieve better results in general. Roulette is game of pure chance and has been a staple for online casinos for decades. If there was a reliable technique of winning, all websites would have ditched this game completely long ago. Don’t use Martingales and Fibonaccis, they do not work and will quickly bring you to a demise.

The vast majority of such working methods were conceived by smart marketers who only want to turn you into a cow for milking. Tried and tested online casinos do not lie to you about chances and won’t attempt to steal your money, but they do have an upper hand meaning that you won’t come up with a pattern of bets that will regularly bring you winnings.

Tip #4. Consider it a lottery

One of the most reasonable ways to play in this game is to limit your budget and use a certain amount of money every time you approach the table. When playing from the comfort of your home, choose a sector that you can bet on and expect a huge return. Make this bet on a regular basis much like you would try to guess a winning combination in a lottery. This will actually improve your chances of winning big instead of slowly dwindling down your deposit. Just do not go over the limit that you define for yourself.

This approach does not guarantee you a win or make you a better gambler in general, but it actually improves your chances of enjoying a prize in the long run. While there are no 100%-reliable methods of systematically outplay the house, this method will allow you to rely on your luck and not overspend on this exact game.

Tip #5. Do not alternate or repeat bets

Some players love to shuffle around bets randomly to counteract the “randomness” of the game thinking that negative and negative will yield positive. It does not work like this. In fact, the wheel is the most random game out there and you cannot reduce the influence of the RNG. It is basically useless to change the pattern of betting randomly or never change your favorite sectors. Instead, follow the system that regulates bet sizes. Do not overbet or underbet and you will yield much better results in the long run.