6 Things You Should Never Do Before Gambling

6 Things You Should Never Do Before GamblingThere are many things that you should never do before starting to play in games of chance. Your experience in an online casino depends on several factors. In order to truly enjoy your favorite slots, make sure to exclude some activities from your routines that you usually commit to right before a gambling session.

While some of our suggestion may sound a bit weird to you, they are mostly based on scientific research in various areas.

Tip #1. Do not eat sugary foods

Both gambling and eating sweets are addictive activities and will make your brain process many things wrongly. Your brain will overproduce dopamine. This is one of the reasons why Las Vegas casinos will generously offer you free alcohol drinks if you are spending well enough. It is not about showing you’re their respect. It is mostly due to several key studies that indicate that people will overspend and make costlier mistakes when using recreational drugs and alcohol before gambling.

Sugar works much like cocaine in the brain and makes you feel “high”. This will negatively affect your analysis patterns and make you a much worse gambler in general. Avoid using things that may force your brain to function weirdly.

Tip #2. Do not rest too much

Some people love to come home from work and relax in their favorite sofa. Having a couple of snacks and watching your favorite YouTube channel before starting playing is another common way of resting after a hard day at work. When you stop your physical activities and start resting, your brain will slow down many processes in your body making you slower and less inclined to think carefully about your decisions. It is absolutely necessary to have a short rest after coming home from work, but do not just lay on your sofa like a piece of meat.

Instead of landing on your beloved piece of soft furniture, practice yoga, meditate, do some light exercises or simply do some house chores. This will boost your energy and help to fight tiredness.

Tip #3.  Push away dreams about huge wins

Positive thinking is definitely something important and will make you feel better which is never a bad thing. However, setting up specific goals that are either beyond your reach or cannot be reached reliably will certainly make things worse in the long run. When you set a goal like “I must win an x amount of money today”, you will push your luck to the limit until finally realizing that you are heavily overspending and made a bunch of costly mistakes. Instead of setting up goals, create limitations. Decide preemptively how much you are going to spend and do not go over the limit.

There are multiple scientific studies indicating that people will make mistakes more often when having a specific goal in mind even if they are aware of the fact that they cannot control certain outcomes. In an online casino you are not in full control so don’t draw unreasonable finish lines.

Tip #4. Make yourself comfortable

It is very important to keep the environment relaxing and calming. When you are not agitated, you won’t be eager to make a bet that could end up with a horrible result. You will have more time and motivation to carefully think about your decisions. Make sure that you are surrounded with your favorite talismans and charms, avoid annoying noises, and use as much light as necessary to make you calm. Comfort is a very important factor that affects decision-making. Multiple studies showed that people are less inclined to make a decision under someone’s influence or pressure when they are in a friendly relaxing environment. If you don’t want to do things that an online casino wants you to do, just make sure that you feel great.

Tip #5. Don’t listen to rhythmic music

Many online slot games have good soundtrack and the most successful ones are usually “equipped” with energetic rhythmic music. Such sound design makes you more agitated, forces rushed decisions, and ensures that you start following the rhythm pattern of the game and start spending mindlessly. Having a very punchy music (especially Trance and Club music) will also make you follow the beat and repeat some actions without thinking about them. Such behavior is dangerous when money is at stake.

We recommend you to launch your favorite playlist of classic instrumental or calming jazz music. Various ambient genres will calm you down as well.

Tip #6. Avoid overthinking things

Gambling is a recreational activity great for reducing stress and switching your mind from your everyday problems. Approach gambling as it is and do not try to turn it into a way of earning money. You can become a profitable gamer but you will have to sink an enormous amount of time into perfecting your strategies and learning ins and outs of the industry. If you are just a regular gambler, don’t overthink the strategy and try to simply enjoy your time. You’ll lose some, you’ll win some. Obsessing over an intricate sophisticated strategy is not a healthy activity.