TOP 5 Slot Games for People Who Love Wild West

Wild WestThe Western genre has been a large part of the international culture for over a century. After the period of heavy romanticizing of the lifestyle of cowboys, the world started loving these old dirty freedom lovers who also rumored to be very skilled sharpshooters. In reality, the history of the western frontier was less exciting and consisted of mostly militaristic operations against native Americans and many other truly disgusting things. However, we do love the romanticized side of the genre and tell our kids stories about brave saviors of Mexican villages. If you are one of those defenders of the genre, you must learn more about various games in this setting.

Here is our list of games that will definitely attract the attention of a WW genre fan.

Wild Wild West: The Great Train Heist

wild wild west slot netentCarefully constructed by guys at NetEnt, this game has everything that a Wild West online slot should have. A bunch of likeable antiheroes, a really dangerous heist mission, and a plethora of stand-offs with guns. While some people believe that a cinematic experience in an online casino is not possible, we are daring you to use some imagination and apply it to the setting. The artwork here is mind-boggling. The style of cell-shading animation, attention to details, and amazingly flashy visual special effects definitely make this game stand out.

Net Entertainment decided to show how far the industry has evolved since the introduction of videoslots many years ago when you had really weird games with cartoonish cowboys as main heroes. This game is a completely different beast and the visual aspect will immediately catch your attention. On top of that, you will enjoy a really interesting complex gameplay with lots of hidden sublevels.

Western Frontier

Western-FrontierTalking about outdated classics, you cannot skip this one. Created by creative brains at Microgaming decades ago, this slot has been entertaining players all over the world for many years. You may think that the visual style is not up to par with the latest standards of the industry and that special effects look silly at best, but we do love this little gem that colorized boring evenings at Las Vegas casino halls. By no means we are promoting this old school entertainment with nothing particularly revolutionary about it yet we would suggest you to try it out if you consider yourself a fan of the genre. Indians versus cowboys – this topic is a much rarer thing in our industry than Egyptian history and Eldorado searches.

Dead or Alive

dead or aliveSadly, this is not a game made after the premise of the famous console fighting game about girls in bikinis. However, you won’t be disappointed if you never liked such concepts in the first place and always believed that ninja warriors are inferior to guys with revolvers. Dead or Alive was created by NetEnt long before they started shifting their focus towards games for mobile devices and creating complex software solutions for online casinos. This is an old school classic with many interface elements and UX features that are far from modern high standards.

Visuals do not look impressive and sound design is not something that one could call “state-of-the-art”. There are some issues related to gameplay. It is very redundant and repetitive. Not the best OG game in general, but a nice change of pace for people who enjoy the setting of wild west.

White Buffalo

This is yet another creation of Microgaming. A great game from times when we had no standards and enjoyed simplistic entertainments without overcomplicated gamification. This is a nice online slot about White Buffalo. These animals are legendary beasts akin unicorns and exist only in legends, but some hunters still spend weeks searching for these relatives of now extinct species. While the game does not exactly have anything to do with Indians and Cowboys, its setting is close to Wild West both thematically and geographically. If you feel some sort of nostalgia for older classic 3×5 games with simple rules, give this one a shot.

Bust the Bank

bust the bankA glorious creation of Microgaming with lots of great artwork and amazing visuals. While the game is outdated in general and has some problems with redundancy, the design is an evergreen thing here. Every single symbol has a unique feel to it and was created by very talented cartoonists who spent countless hours perfecting their sketches. Everything looks energetic and interesting, all animations are great, every single moment feels engaging, and all sorts of sound and visual effects do look quite exciting.

Thematically it is not a WW game and you won’t find here Indians and Cowboys, but it is a nice carrier of the spirit. A bank heist with very distinct characters is a trope for the wild west theme. On top of really great design this game showcases a very complex set of mechanics and a lot of possibilities to grow your deposit!