The banquet is on the house. Las Vegas casinos feed pigs

Las Vegas casinosThe fact that there is a lot of food waste left over at Vegas casinos probably wouldn’t surprise many people. That’s why it’s better to play in online clubs, such as Softswiss casino. There’s a lot of cooking, people come there to relax, and it’s not customary to scrape off plates in a place like this. But in order not to let the leftover goodness go to waste, MGM Resorts International, which owns most of the gambling establishments, have found an interesting solution. The pigs on a nearby farm are fed at their expense. In one of the reports VICE News Tonight on HBO, shows where the leftovers from the gambling tables of Vegas. It’s not a pretty sight. The farm says it’s not just the food they get, they also get towels, napkins and other inedible items off the plates. They say they have had to find money as well. In general, all this indecency is cooked and served to the pigs, who are very happy with such food.  

On that subject, 2,000 free airline tickets to Vegas from the casino owner According to the head chef at Mandalay Bay Resort, every day they cook about 3-5,000 pounds of vegetables (1.36-2.26 thousand pounds) and about 70,000 chicken breasts. And about 10 percent of the food is left over. The pigs get most of these leftovers, plus scraps from their plates. But the company has started another program where they freeze good food and store it for up to three months. And shelters can request food from them online. Their other initiative is to collect shells from oysters and send them for recycling. All in all, for all their efforts in not throwing away something that could be useful to someone, the company has earned the Food Recovery Challenge Award.